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Homework Excuses – A Top 7 List

Homework – the one word that makes students across the globe cringe. They will do anything to escape this ordeal and come up with excuses for not having completed it. The bright side, sarcastically speaking, of these excuses is that it brings out the creativity in students. Students spend a lot of time and energy in just coming up with excuses but seldom realize that a little more time and effort can help them complete the homework and gain more knowledge. This article captures some of the excuses that students have created in the past by donning their creative hats.

  1. I was not well – headache, fever, stomach ache, etc.

An easy and most used excuse is not being well. It is common for anyone to get a headache and stomach ache easily. Both these are unbearable pains and you really can’t expect anyone to study or do homework with this, correct?

Rather than giving this as an excuse, even if you do have one, the better approach is to take a pill, sleep, or take rest. That way you can still attend classes and probably that will make teachers understand, Probably!

  1. My homework – oh no my pet ate it!

Pets are man’s best friends. Cats and Dogs are the proud chart leaders, in terms of excuses when it comes to eating homework. The reason to use the pets is to create an emotional imbalance in teachers by using this excuse and escape for not being able to complete the homework.

  1. I Was Robbed of My Homework!

“On the way to school there was a gang of thieves who grabbed my school bag and in the ensuing fight, the notebooks fell out. They picked up all my notebooks and ran...which obviously had the notebook where I wrote the assignment”.

You must chase the thieves long enough or either die fighting as a hero. Those are the only ways we can make any rational exponents from this homework stolen story.

  1. I Left My Homework at Home or I Forgot I had Homework!

If you had done your homework, you wouldn’t have left it at home, would you? When there is a lot of homework and less or no enthusiasm to do it, you can only pray for the teacher not to show up for the class. If your prayers didn’t help, you can always use the absentmindedness excuse.

Another variation of being absent-minded is to entirely forget the fact that homework was assigned to you!

However, before using this excuse a student must understand that this will put you in a bad light in front of the teacher – unless you convince the teacher that you are absentminded. This could also go against you and you can be looked at someone with a lack of concentration which will not be helpful when you want to get enrolled in colleges and universities. They will only want to pick the best!

  1. There Was a Power Outage or My Laptop crashed

In the digital age that we live in, devices or the electricity that is required to power up our Laptops, WiFi routers, that connect us to the Internet where loads of resources are available for studying, are the easiest of excuses that students can give for not completing homework. Well, the teacher did not ask to complete this and send her a copy of the homework through email or in any digital form. Be ready to face that awkward question!

  1. I Went Shopping/Jogging/Fishing or Volunteering

Well, think before you give any of these excuses! Though they all fit into anyone’s list of things to do, it will only show that your school and homework aren’t on top of your priorities!

  1. Calamities

Domestic calamities are classics when it comes to excuses for not completing the homework. Some lack real reasoning and would grab the top honors for the funniest excuses when they say “a small fire burned down the notebook that I wrote my homework in” or “due to heavy rains there was flooding which drowned my homework notebooks”

Final Thoughts on Homework Excuses

It is indeed tempting to give some lame excuses and not do homework. Practice makes anyone better and if this habit of not doing homework isn’t nipped in the bud, it will only hamper the prospects of students aiming to become bachelor's, masters, and Ph.D.’s.

There is no need to spin yarns of lies about homework. It has to be taken seriously and completed. However, if there was indeed a one of emergency, you can be honest about it with your teachers. In case you haven’t had many such emergencies or excuses, you will be spared!

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